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Family Website

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This site is mainly used for email address forwarding by the family...but it also links to our family tree below.

Roger de Boehmler built this site (thats me pictured below in shorts) and its domain address can be available to the entire de Boehmler tribe.

The domain is also used by Zoe, Lucie, Fred, Alex, Jacque, Stanley, Sue, Michael, Claire, Guy and Rebecca for email forwarding.
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 The Trinidad de Boehmler Family in 1958


There are not that many de Boehmlers about.  But almost every country has a few of us around. The de Boehmler name may have evolved into or from Böhmler, Baume, Baumler, Beamler or even Beemer - but most often found today as Boehmler, without the de particule.  The surname could be from an area of Europe that was known as Bohemia or it could be of German origin meaning Baeumler = an expert with fruit trees!

We think our branch of de Boehmler family originates from Alsace around 1790. We were amongst a large number of european families that migrated to the West Indies and the Americas often to avoid the turmoil of the French Revolution. 

Our family tree is online - just click here.


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